Melanie Byler is the Senior Director of Procurement for Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC. She began her career with CSCS in 2017 and now manages a team of five who are responsible for protein, dressing/sauce, and oil procurement with a spend of approximately $700 million.

Mrs. Byler was previously the Executive Director of Quality Assurance for Dine Brands where she led a team of eight Product Managers and Dietitians/Nutritionists. She worked within the Quality Assurance department of Applebee’s and Dine Brands for 13 years where she was responsible for food quality, product commercialization and nutrition. Prior to Applebee’s, Mrs. Byler was a Food Technologist on the private label team at Associated Wholesale Grocers.

Mrs. Byler received a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from Iowa State University and a Master of Business Administration from Baker University.